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Automated Multi Functional Kiosk

Hospital Multifunctional Kiosk is an Automated intelligent unit to facilitate various Internal and external solution and information including Payment using Card or cash, Booking appointment and many more

Medical Gist infotainment display

InMedoc™ a Digital transformation coupled with several IoT to have the Hospital management or Nursing Home Management with patient management platform is suitable for all medical practices.

Patient Mobile Apps

Inmedoc have the capability to Link with any 3rd party software or services such as Other Medical Interface, existing Medical Application, Google Calendar, Google groups, training interfaces and other

Other Technology Interfacing

Interfacing with any 3rd party software or hardware including Goole groups as automated, semi automated or manual bothway transition to enable further communication, payment and other.

Synchronizing with Google

As per the interface setting the Synchronizing with 3ed party software or Google apps, Google calendars, Google groups and other will be process to enable data and communication.

Multilingal Communication

Multiannual Communication using Inmedoc mobile apps and other communication method as group, personal and public messages with Appointment, events booking and attachment

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Inmedoc™ Patient App Comming soon

Inmedoc™ patients mobile app a one stop solution for whole family to have all doctors medical records and awareness or guide to have a healthy life.

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